The Best Luggage, Bags and Backpacks for Travel

When you live out of a suitcase, good luggage is essential. From carry-ons to day bags to checked baggage, I’ve spent a lot of years curating the perfect collection. Travel is so much easier when you have the right kind of bag for the trip. And, of course, quality is key. You definitely don’t want your bag falling apart at the airport.

Need an upgrade? Here’s a rundown of the best luggage, bags, and backpacks for travel.

My luggage changes from trip to trip, depending on the type of gear I’ll need for activities, as well as the length of my stay! Typically, I’ll use the following for each kind of trip:

Weekend Getaway

I take my camera backpack with me on every trip just to keep all of my electronics and camera gear organized. Depending on the weather for my weekend getaway, I’ll typically take a roller carry-on and a small bag, like the Lo & Sons OG bag or small duffel.

One Week Trip

For a week-long trip, I’ll take my camera backpack and check my Burton double-compartment suitcase. If it’s a cold-weather destination, an additional carry-on bag might be needed to make room for boots and heavy coats.

Two-Week Trip

If my trip is about two weeks, I’ll start packing by filling my camera backpack and a larger suitcase to check, and move to my second checked bag if necessary!

Three Weeks or Longer

Typically if I’m traveling for three weeks or longer I’ll pack 1-2 checked bags and my camera backpack. And I really try to pack light, but any longer than three weeks and I may have to bring along a carry-on as well!